Bishop William D. Paul PhD


Bishop William D. Paul, PhD has presided over the Church On The Road, Inc. (Ministry of Economic Development) since 1984. Dr. Paul attended Boise state and transferred to University of Minnesota
in which, he holds degrees in Speech Communication, Public Health, Military Science, and Faith-based Management. He became a licensed Bishop under Church On The Road in 1984, Church of the Living God in Christ in 2002 and in 2016 with the Global Evangelistic Bible College

He is also a United States Air force Vietnam veteran and honorary Lt Colonel Aide to the camp of the governor. Bishop Paul is a recipient of the Governor of Minnesota Humanitarian Award, St. Paul and Minneapolis Mayor’s Citizenship Awards, and keys to the city in Oxford, AL. Dr. Paul is formerly of the Governor’s Office of Planning & Budgeting, Department of Industry & Trade, the Office of Economic Development, all of Georgia, and Minnesota’s Office of Economic Security. Bishop has served as President/CEO of Rheumatology, Arthritis, and Osteoporosis Clinic and Clinical Trial Centers.

  • Since 1978, Dr. William Paul has been rated #1 in America specializing in:
  • Profit and nonprofit corporations, completing over 10, 000
  • Professional grant (proposal) writer, writing for over 2, 000 clients
  • Facilitating certified (grant) proposal writing, teaching over 100, 000
  • Reinstatement of automatic revocation tax exempt organizations
  • Amending profit and nonprofit corporation’s Articles of Incorporation
  • Nonprofit program implementation (nationally Arthritis & Osteoporosis RePAIR day)
  • Establishing integrated auxiliaries (religious organizations)

Rebuilding communities one at a time through the gospel of Jesus Christ

Matthew 25:31-46

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