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5 Week Certified Course

501c3 Tax Exemption

Do-It-Yourself Course

Earn $100K per month or per year. 

Example: Complete 100 Applications at $1000/each = $100K



✔️Introduction: Secretary of State and IRS Requirements

✔️ Definitions: Corporation, Reporting and Fees;

IRS Publication 557, 1023/1023EZ; and 501 (c)(3)

✔️Pre-quiz Test

✔️Setting up your 501 (C)(3)

1. Reservation of name and fee

2. Articles of Incorporation and fee

3. By-Laws

✔️ Open checking account (Need EIN) and obtain 501 (c)(3) organizer

✔️1023 application

✔️ Conflict of Interest

✔️ Proposal and Midterm Test

✔️ Projected Budget

✔️ Pay.Gov 1023 filing on-line.

✔️ Expedite 1023 for 501 (c)(3) letter of determination

✔️ IRS Inquiry letter (s) and Status check

✔️ Trouble-shooting
✔️ REQUIREMENTS: 501 (c)(3) Compliances;

Revocation and filing 990’s

✔️ Final Exam Test

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