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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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Promised Land 2024

Dr. William Paul
Founder of the largest
the largest nonprofit organization
in the US and internationally

Personally completed thousands of 501c3s
On a mission to aid blacks in this complex society towards
economic parity.

Living Legend
Creator of Olympic Women's Boxing

You have a chance

God gives you the power to obtain wealth

Discover how you can increase revenue
by attaining grants and real estate with your 501c3


 VIP Meeting with speakers

Diverse learning grant insights into building a

PC Real Estate Firm
as an owner and investor

Discover incredible deals, property priced with 50% discounts

Maximize your returns:

Learn about properties that offer

returns from 50-100%


 Learn how to invest in foreclosed properties

Learn how to invest in your community by obtaining tax lien properties

Learn how to legally operate and protect your real estate enterprise

How can you become a PC Real Estate Branch Office

How to operate in more than one state with your PC Real Estate Branch Office

Learn the tax incentives and deductions by the use of your 501c3

Learn how your church can be an integrated
auxiliary and receive 100% of the grants
and so much more!


Come meet the experts!

Get your own branch office for only $1000 (vs. $10,000)

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