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Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What is required to establish a P.C. Real Estate branch office?
a. Complete contract application (familiarize yourself with the contractual agreement)


b. Complete W-9 form

c. Complete NDA agreement

d. Complete method of payment

e. Complete invoice form for payments

f. Receive welcome letter (terms of agreement) and portal login information instructions

g. Complete class or view the orientation video and obtain the Real Estate Empowerment book for
additional policy, procedures, and vital information for your success


h. Purchase your mandatory marketing materials to promote your business

i. Find a broker for your branch office within 90-180 business days

j. Put a lead into the lead portal and receive a commission for your branch office after closing

2.) How long does it take to set up a branch office in order to start operation?
Answer: 90-180 business days

3.) Do I need a broker?
Answer: Yes. It is mandatory to buy and sell under P.C. Real Estate firm. You must give your
broker your portal login information (password and username)

4.) How do I put a lead in the system for a buy or sell?
Answer: Review orientation video in the Real Estate Empowerment book or attend Tuesday
night’s Q&A webinar scheduled at 8pm EST.

5.) Who services the lead(s) that are in the portal?
Answer: The licensed broker will service all leads.

6.) Can I set up my independent branch office?
Answer: Yes

7.) Can I sell my independent branch office?
Answer: Yes

8.) Can I get a refund on my branch office?
Answer: No. All donations are non-refundable.


9.) Where is the policy for the branch office found?
Answer: Its in the Real Estate Empowerment book and in the contract.


10.) What is the normal cost of a branch office?
Answer: The normal cost is $10,000 but your cost is $1000 dollars.


11.) Does P.C. Real Estate Firm charge annual fees?
Answer: Our cost is $12,000 or more. The branch office owner cost is $250 annually to maintain
your portal.


12.) Does Dr. William Paul founder of P.C. Real Estate receive a salary?
Answer: No. Dr. William Paul does not receive a salary. He donates his time.


13.) Is it mandatory that my branch office purchase marketing materials?
Answer: Yes. You need marketing materials to promote your branch office including, but not
limited to, business cards, real estate bandit signs, and more.


14.) Does P.C. Real Estate provide a physical location for my branch offices?
Answer: No. You are responsible for finding your own independent location.


15.) Who licensed the broker and salesperson?
Answer: The real estate commission licenses all brokers and salesperson.


16.) Does P.C. Real Estate Firm control real estate brokers and agents?
Answer: No. The real estate board controls real estate brokers and agents.


17.) Is P.C. Real Estate Firm a traditional real estate corporation?
Answer: Yes. P.C. Real Estate Firm is a non-profit corporation that is licensed in most states as
a traditional real estate corporation (same as Re-Max, and other licensed real estate
corporations). We have brokers, salespersons, as well as branch offices that are governed by P.C.
Real Estate Firm board of directors as the policymakers. The real estate commission in each
respective state carries out licensed real estate business activities and is responsible for the
licensing and governing of the broker and salespersons.


18.) Is P.C. Real Estate Firm branch offices required to have a 501(c)(3)?
Answer: No. Nevertheless, 80% of all the P.C. Real Estate Firm branch offices do have their
own separate 501(c)(3) but not limited to individuals, LLCs, religious organizations, and
corporations as a branch office owner. We do not force any clients or branch office owners to
obtain a 501(c)(3). We do, however, encourage all branch office owners to obtain a separate
501(c)(3) so that the non-profit organization can receive contributions and grants for supportive
services and will aid those in need of funds. Each 501(c)(3) have their own board of directors

and policies in place. P.C. Real Estate Firm can help bring in revenue and property to your non-
profit organization through buys and sales under the firm through your licensed broker and



19.) Does P.C. Real Estate Firm control independent branch offices 501(c)(3)?
Answer: No. P.C. Real Estate firm does not govern nor control clients having a separate
501(c)(3). They operate independently of P.C. Real Estate Firm. Their corporation activities and
policies are governed in accordance with Federal and State regulations (laws) and within the
bylaws of their corporation’s policies and procedures.


20.) How does my branch office get started?
Answer: You are number one when you own your own! Congratulations on becoming a part of
the 2% of America’s wealth. LET’S GET STARTED!!

A.) Step 1: Branch office owner puts a lead (person) into lead portal (via mobile device,
computer etc.) as well as their contact information and then contacts the broker.

B.) Step 2: The broker enters information into Broker Sumo Portal (for broker and
salesperson use only). In Broker Sumo Portal the broker will enter lead information. The
broker will contact the lead (the client) and will enter a sales, purchase, or exclusive
listing contractual agreement on behalf of the P.C. Real Estate Firm. The broker will then
assign a client to themselves or a salesperson.

C.) Step 3: The broker/salesperson will contact the mortgage company to connect the client
and the mortgage company to obtain a preapproval or approval of the mortgage loan
unless client has cash or a preapproved loan from other sources.

D.) Step 4: The broker/salesperson will then contact the title company. The title company
will hold the earnest money, do a title search, and participate in closing and responsible
for distributing the commissions (funds) for P.C. Real Estate Firm.

E.) Step 5: The branch office receives 25% of the commission. Example: $100,000
commission from sale; branch office receives $25,000 of that commission from the sales
that P.C. Real Estate receives. Note: If another company or branch office is involved, the
commissions will be split 50/50 and therefore the branch office would receive $12,500 in


21.) Can I earn extra revenue?
Answer: Yes, there are opportunities to earn extra revenue. We offer through a partnership
agreement that you can get $100-$200 for each branch office that you get signed up for or 501(c)(3)
client referral. Note: Only those who have completed their Marketing partnership contract can
refer and receive commissions. It is found in the book on Gallery G under Contractor
Department and on the Church on the Road website under the Contractor Department


22.) How do I contact the P.C. Real Estate Firm team?
Answer: In the Real Empowerment book for a free consultation, go to page 3 and click

“questions” and fill out inquiry application, and submit a response within 24 hours Monday-
Thursday. As of November 1, 2022, all questions and consultations will be forwarded to the

information found in the Real Estate Empowerment book. At 7 pm EST on Tuesdays P.C. Real
Estate Presidents, branch office owners, brokers, and other officials will be meeting to discuss
various questions and information. Weekly Q&A sessions will be held on Tuesdays and
Thursdays at 8 pm EST and is open to all participants. All branch office owners, potential branch
office owners, and brokers are encouraged to attend weekly meetings.

Reminder: PLEASE attend the mandatory monthly meeting on the 3rd Saturday of each month held in every state.

All branch office owners and their presidents are required to be in attendance between 1pm - 3pm
in accordance with your time zone and the finalized time chosen by your respective presidents.
Example: Zoom meetings, luncheon meetings, or hybrid meetings (Zoom and in-person luncheon).
Please report monthly progress reports to National President Dr. William Paul by the 4th Saturday of each month.

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