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The Promise Land 2022

Going Back To the Future to Obtain THE PROMISE

The Promise Land with Bishop William D. Paul, Ph.D


Last Judgment For Mankind Words of Wisdom. The Church is both Natural and Spiritual

"Inspiration without Information is dead. just like Faith without Works is Dead."

HOPE PROJECT - Helping Our People Excel





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This licensed non-profit corporation is organized under the Church On The Road, Inc., (a religious organization), as an integrated auxiliary to carryout Housing, and social welfare activities according to the gospel of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior in housing (Matt: 25:35).

The program (s) will consist of but shall not be limited to: Establishment and Oversee License Real State Company, Firms and Branch Offices; Support Churches/Religious Organizations and Non Profits with establishment/ implementation of Real Estate Branch Office or Firm Operation; Transitional Housing Advocacy; Support Groups and Advocacy for the Homeless and other programs.

Georgia Branch Office of

PC Real Estate Firm

Georgia Branch Office of

PC Real Estate Firm

State of Michigan License

PC Real Estate Firm


Real Estate Webinar

A few of the topics discussed include: 

✔️Dollar Homes

✔️Flipping Properties

✔️Own Your Own Real Estate Branch Office through your 501(c)3 non-profit 

PC Real Estate Firm

Overview Webinar featuring

Broker - Stacy Arthur

Get a foundational understanding about how

Real Estate can impact your legacy.

Remember You are #1 When You Own Your Own!

PC Real Estate Firm 



This video explains the initial onboarding steps of 

owning your own PC Real Estate Branch Office.

Remember You are #1 When You Own Your Own!


Real Estate Empowerment Book

You are #1 when you are on your own!





Saturdays 9am CST / 10am EST



✔️ Own your own

        Real Estate through 501c3

✔️Pre-quiz Test

✔️Setting up your

       Real Estate company

✔️ Real Estate Commission

        and Credit

✔️ Credit and Marketing PC

      Real Estate

✔️Financial and Insurance

✔️ VA and HUD Homes

✔️ Midterm Test

✔️ Grant Writing

✔️ Direct Sales to Non-Profits

✔️ Dollar $1 Properties

✔️ Leverage and 501c3

✔️No bidding on Properties

✔️ Grants and Surplus property

✔️ State and Federal compliance

✔️Flipping of property

✔️Final Exam Test


Own your own Branch Office through P&C Real Estate


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I be a broker for more than one company?

A. Yes.

Q. Can I be a broker for one company and an associate broker with another company?

A. Yes, provided that you give the required notice to the broker holding your associate broker's license.

Q. Can I be the qualifying broker for a corporation if I do not own any stock in the corporation?

A. Yes, but you must be an officer.

Q. Can I open a company in my home?

A. Yes, as long as you comply with all local ordinances regarding business activities.

Q. Can someone else use my company's name without my permission?

A. Company names are not a license law matter. Names of corporations are controlled through the

Corporations Division of the Secretary of State's office. Other trade names must be registered with the

Clerk of the Superior Court in the county in which the firm is operating.

Whether someone is improperly using your trade name should be addressed by an attorney.

Q. I have just made application to open a new company.

How soon may I begin taking listings and handling other brokerage business?

A. A new company is an original application for licensure.

You may not begin brokerage activity until you receive a wall certificate for the company

from the Commission (usually seven to ten working days after the Commission receives a complete and correct application).

Q. I am a broker of one company and have an associate broker's license with another company. I am closing

the company for which I am the broker, but wish to keep my associate broker's license with the other firm.

Which box do I check on the application?

A. Surrender an additional license.

Points to Consider When Starting a Brokerage Firm

In deciding whether to start a brokerage firm, a licensee faces several important issues beyond obtaining a licenses from the Commission. The important issues for consideration and resulting action include:

•obtaining a business license from the local government;
•selecting a market area and a specific location for the office in that market area;
•securing telephone services and furnishings for the office;
•obtaining proper insurance for the business including an errors and omissions policy;
•developing a bookkeeping system suited to the firm's needs, IRS requirements, and the Commission's trust account regulations;
•obtaining a tax identification number from the IRS;
•obtaining forms for reporting income and withholding and F.I.C.A. taxes to the IRS and worker's compensation for covered employees to the State Labor Department;
•developing a record-keeping system for contracts and other documents as required by the license law;
•developing or obtaining sales and listing contracts approved by an attorney;
•developing employment or independent contractor agreements for licensees affiliating with the firm;
•planning the nature and scope of the business for specializing in residential sales, property management, commercial sales, or a combination of these markets;
•deciding whether to organize the firm as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited liability company, or a corporation;
•developing a plan for advertising the new company and specific properties listed for sale of lease;
•developing a plan for the orderly recruiting and training of agents for the firm;
•planning a marketing strategy for the service area; and
•developing an office agency policy as required by the Brokerage Relationships in Real Estate Transactions Act.
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